Chol Ha-Mo'ed Advice and some People Watching

In Israel, the Jews are the Goyim and the entire country is flooded with vacationing families during Chol Ha-Mo'ed. Over the year, I've developed some strategies for avoiding the major crowds, though it is somewhat impossible. The main two strategies are a) go to places that are only accessible by car, and b) go to places that cost money. Each of these criteria limits the popularity of sites. A third strategy is - stay relatively close to home. Traffic can become a nightmare.

Today we went to the Tisch Family Zoological Gardens, aka the Jerusalem Zoo. We saw some amazing elephants (pilei plo'im!), some really nasty ties, some meerkats, and some shababnikim (Mir-cats).

By far the most amazing exhibit was the moron exhibit. It was incredible to see so many morons in their natural habitat. I saw one moron get stuck trying to pass a stroller through a revolving door. Another particularly talented moron threw an orange at a lion - and actually hit it. There were several examples of moron-spawn encroaching on the territory of the other zoo animals.

This was indeed in direct violation of a) above. My arm was twisted.

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