An Extremely Rare Mitzvah

I'm not talking about birkat ha-chama. That's so done. I'm talking about a mitzva that is even more rare. Most of us will never get a chance to do this mitzva. Thus, when it is done, it is done with great fanfare. Furthermore, Erev Pesach is an extremely appropriate time to talk about this mitzvah.
If beglittered donkeys look strange to you, and this whole ceremony seems just a tad contrived and awkward, they you are beginning to understand how I feel about this whole birkat ha-chama thing [clarification: I will say the bracha, much as I would redeem the firstborn donkey of any flock I should own. In fact, the latter is a mitzva de-orayta].
I've added some captions. Feel free to suggest your own.

Donkey whispers to sheep: "Sorry pal. Better your neck than mine."

Mechubad im bracha acharita...

The guest of honor poses with an ass:
I've heard of chassidishe shechita, but never chassidishe arifa...
Snoop Donkky Donkk.

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