More Local Voting Breakdown

I’m having way too much fun playing on the Knesset Election website. Below, I compare the (updated) Buchman results with the national results and the results from Modiin as a whole. For fun, I also threw in results from Hashmonaim, Modiin Illit, and Matityahu. I also included the entire Ramle region, which includes all of the areas surveyed. Number of votes cast appears on the bottom line. Sorry about the poor quality.

There’s one somewhat mixed (RZ and Haredi) neighborhood in Hashmonaim that votes with Kiryat Sefer. That accounts for some of the non-UTJ vote. The one vote for Meretz in Modiin Illit – chalk it up to some relative of Zivya Greenfield. I’d like to meet the guy who voted Labor, though. Maybe he thought, for some reason, that “EMET” had to be a Haredi party. The fellow from Matityahu who voted Kadima – good luck with the shidduchim, buddy. I just found out that little Matityahu has the most uniform voting pattern in the entire country.

I think that the relatively poor showing for Bayit Yehudi and Yesrael Beitenu in Hashmonaim is interesting. Those who wanted to vote right went with, for the most part, Likud or NU. The regional results are much more religious and much more right wing than I expected. Only a small part of this region is on the post-1967 side of the Green Line. Go figure.

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