I like interesting juxtapositions in real life. One will often, if on the lookout, come across things whose proximity paints an interesting picture or narrative. Last week, driving from Honesdale, PA to Monticello, NY, I saw a veterinary clinic right across the street from a taxidermist. I guess they’re much easier to stuff and pose before rigor mortis sets in.

People think I’m pluralistic. Maybe I once was. I’m not so sure anymore. It’s easy to confuse indifference with pluralism. I think that’s worthwhile remembering in general.

On the same note, I think my heart is going deaf. Kudos to whomever correctly understands that reference.

This Jpost article talks about how Ehud and Tzipi are afraid that Russian Jewry will disappear because only about 10% of the 880,000 Jews in the FSU are Jewishly engaged. The same article says that only about 10% of Jews currently making aliyah from the FSU are halachically Jewish. Tzipi thinks that more lenient conversion standards will encourage more to come. The whole thought process seems so backward, I just don’t know where to begin.

Finally, can anyone identify the subject of my new profile picture? At least one reader should get it right away.

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