Art Project

My older son (age 3) attends a Chabad preschool here in Modiin. In general, we’re fairly pleased with the place. He seems to be having a good time, making friends, and learning his davening and brachot.

Last week, however, he came home with the following art project:

This is a portrait of the late Lubavitcher Rebbe’s mother, whose yahrzeit, celebrated as a holiday in chabad, was on the 6th of Tishrei. The day before, he came home with a note asking that he be sent to school wearing festive clothing, with a coin for tzedakah, and with a candy for the hitvaadut (Hebrew for farbgrengen) that they would be holding in honor of the occasion. They refer to Rebbetzin Chana Schneerson as ‘the mother of the Rebbe, our generation’s prince’ and as ‘the mother of royalty’.

Finally, in honor of the occasion, they served cornflakes with milk for breakfast. I have no idea what they normally serve.

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