Tzohar's Statement on the Pride March

The following statement was released by Tzohar:


The Tzohar Rabbinic Organization strongly opposes the occurrence of the “Pride March” in Jerusalem

According to Jewish tradition, there are 10 levels of sanctity, and the sanctity of Jerusalem is greater than the sanctity of other places. Arranging this protest in Jerusalem specifically seriously wounds the identity of this holy city, as for many Jews in Israel and around the world.

Even within the general framework of democracy, there is profound meaning for the public identity of the State, and it is therefore the state’s responsibility and the public’s right to establish boundaries for the protest.

We believe that this sensitive topic calls for dialogue and clarification, but not in the form of high-profile marches.

We strongly and unambiguously oppose any outburst of violence in this context. The sanctity of Jerusalem is also injured when, God forbid, blood is spilt upon her.

The sanctity of Jerusalem obligates all who value it to legally express their protest of this desecration of the holy. We wish to remind Rabbis, teachers, and parents that they must take responsibility for the behavior of our children and students, and to observe the guidelines of tzni’ut and halakha between man and God and between man and man.

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