Rated H - Intended for Halakhic Audiences

This post from the Wolf (my own review of Ushpizin can be found here) reminded me of something that happened during a yeshiva trip during my post-high school years at KBY.

We were on a bus, heading down to Eilat after Sukkot, just us chutznikim and a few faculty members. The bus had a VCR on it, and a small selection of movies. Given the sensibilities of shana aleph guys, the only option that we could achieve consensus on was Disney's "The Lion King". We went to the mashgiach, who is Israeli, and let him know. He asked the name of the film and we responded with the Hebrew title: Melech Ha-Arayot. The man's eyes nearly popped out of his head, until we insisted that the latter word is spelled with an aleph, not an ayin.

[Explanation: The title was translated as "The King of the Lions"; by substituting that one letter, which sounds identical in common Hebrew pronuncuiation, it becomes, basically, "The King of Sex".]

I wonder what he thought of us during that brief moment.

Anyhow, the upshot is that one of the more farchnyukte members of our group insisted that we couldn't watch because the film has a love theme, and according to so-and-so it's forbidden to watch romantic films.

Y'know, the Arava is beautiful, but gets old pretty fast.

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