Will You Be There?

Next Sunday, there will be a massive rally in Washington, urging our government to take action in Sudan. I was planning on attending even before I read this. I'm going because it isn't about politics.

A few months ago, Machshavot left this comment on this post, explaining how the verse 'na'ar hayiti' is not a lie. Eichacha uchal ve-ra'iti.

I'm inspired by the degree to which I see American Jewry beginning to mobilize for the cause of Darfur. Who knows the cost of indifference better than we do?

We've celebrated our freedom. We will soon commemorate the Holocaust. Then we will salute those who gave their lives defending Israel from those who wish to finish the job for Hitler. I can't celebrate or commemorate unless I live up to the values which I'm celebrating. So I'll be there.

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