Introducing a New Flavor of Orthodoxy!

Then this is the movement for you!

EDAH Chareidis: The Modern Ultra-Orthodoxy

Our adherents will wear these GREAT half-velvet half-srugah 'yamakippot' that say
'Ani Oheiv Kol Yehudi', which means 'I'm better than everybody'!
Order them now, before everybody catches on, and then you're not so special anymore!
This is an experiment to see if cynical satire works better than attempts to communicate real thought.


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Oh PLEASE spare us the self-righteous-yeshivesha-rabbi pincus broyer-i know what G-D wants-so im going to stick it down everyones throat- crap if you were as lakewoodesque as you would like me to believe why are you even on the internet.

ADDeRabbi said...

Then in what sense does it work?
Just to get people onto the page?
It's only worthwhile if they stay and read some of the shticklach Torah I've posted (though some would argue).

Anonymous said...

wait a minute, i thought you were just sticking to torah posts...i suppose cynicism might be a sort of torah though...

:-) c


Hey frummie did you know that your pop ups include less than tznius tushies in them, being that you are so holy and all ,i thought you should be aware and stop this bezion of torah le mon Hashem what is this site comming to {an end i hope}