We Remember the Ice Cream, and the Fish...

In honor of the parsha, I reposted this post from 4 years ago at the Times of Israel (with some additions from this post).
If you get to the end of the post, you will realize that it is a subtle zinger, not a Tuttle-Singer.


Nachum said...

What's funny is how many of the original posters seem to miss the point.

Unknown said...

I remember the Adderabbi who used to post divrei torah like that one.


Unknown said...

As an addendum to my previous comment, the following is an example of the old Adderabbi brilliance I remember so fondly:

[side note: ever notice that the word ‘tuchus’ is so much funnier than any English alternative? It can get a message across without it being confrontational or crude. To wit, threatening to bust out a can of whupa** is far more antagonistic than turning to the equally potent but far more diffusing whuptuchus. Next time you feel like using the word ‘butt’ or ‘a**’, substitute ‘tuchus’ and see how different it is, ve-acamo”l]