Footnotes and Toponyms

1. My first post on the recently launched Times of Israel contends that it was no coincidence that Iran and Israel were both represented at the Oscars.
2. Speaking of the Oscars and Israel's nomination, Arts & Letters Daily "picked" the review of Footnote that Shai Secunda and I co-authored. ALDaily is a big deal.
3. Some have asked about the lecture on translating Jewish toponyms that I gave at the recent conference of the Israel Translators' Association. I've uploaded the notes and presentation, but I have not had the chance to write it up more fully. The "Ethiopian" question is its own post, and I saw that the issue was discussed in a recent post at Seforim, which appeared after the lecture. Barukh She-kivanti to Targum Yonatan.

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Abba said...

great review of a great movie(although i couldn't find where it was reposted on ALDaily)