Window Dressing

On Monday, Jewish Ideas Daily published an article I wrote about the recent Tzohar/ Rabbanut controversy.
Here it is: Love, Marriage, and the Israeli Rabbinate


Anonymous said...

I take it that you are in favor of disestablishment in Israel. I am, too, at least when it comes to the Rabbinate itself.

But how is one to deal with issues such as internal intermarriage, religious education (the Separators will want full de-funding of religion) and the Mamzer problem (because so many will divorce sans get)?

ADDeRabbi said...

I didn't address alternatives to the Rabbanut other than to imply that nothing has yet been articulated well. I have some thoughts on it, but the real goal would be to publish a serious vision of what it could look like, addressing all the issues you raise, and more.

Nachum said...

Well, for divorce, you can make a law that anyone married with kiddushin needs a get.