If I Coud be like Like

A news item appeared in the Israeli press yesterday morning announcing that an Israeli couple had named their daughter Like. By the evening, it was in the English Jewish media as well. I posted the item on my FB wall yesterday and challenged people to come up with funny situations that this name would cause. Here are some of the best (and yes, some of them are mine):
  1. "Like Like, if I could be like Like. (I wanna be I wanna be like Like)"
  2. If she marries Junior Seau, she would be Like Seau. If she marries Spike Lee she'd be Like Lee, and then her biopic would be A Like Lee Story (A Spike Lee Joint).
  3. When she's a teenager she'll ask: "Mom, Dad, do you LOVE me?" 
  4. If she's a Wonder Years character: "I mean, I like Like, but I don't LIKE like Like."
  5. At a younger brother's parent-teacher conference: "We like how he's likely like Like and her like."
  6. Conversation between parents before the naming: Mom: "Maybe we can call her 'Ahava' (which means 'Love')?" Dad: "What, and have her friends tease her for being named after a face cream?" 
  7. If she does something out of character, it would be unlike Like, or un-Like-like.
  8. Her older sisters are Poke and Share.
  9. Really the best response was the one actually given by her father: "Had it been a boy, we'd have named him Moshe."

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