The Music of Pesach

I've been meaning - for months now - to review the album "Have No Fear" by the Breslov Bar Band, and I finally got down to really putting something together, when I realized that in about a week a large part of their potential listenership will be shutting off the CD players for a month. So I'll hold the review until Lag B'Omer and merely state that I really like the album.

Speaking of music and Pesach, the Jewish-a cappella-holiday-parody trend remains in full force. No less than four such music videos have his the airwaves in recent weeks: The Fountainheads, Kol Ish, Six13, and KOLture Shock. I'll admit that some of it isn't bad. What's more, UMD students are involved in at least 2 of the groups. But isn't it enough that we'll have only a cappella to listen to during the month of sefira? Do we really need to start 2 weeks early? Enough is enough! Dayenu!

It is time to return to the classic Pesach songs to cleanse our ears from a cappella the way that compote clears out the matza. Here is one such classic (lyrics can be viewed here):

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