2 Pieces: One Serious, One for Purim

I have a feature article on R. Moshe Feinstein at Jewish Ideas Daily. The only real "chiddush", I believe, is in the idea of "reluctant leniency" as a strategy for enabling the mekilim without denigrating the machmirim, as it's quite clear--and R. Moshe said on occasion--that he paskened le-kula because that's what he believed, not because of any constraints. I enjoyed researching and writing the article, and I believe that we've just started scratching the surface of R. Moshe's p'sak.

While working on that article, I was also working on a shul Purim shpiel (talk about compartmentalization) which should be up on youtube by the end of the weekend. I also helped with the Lord Chief Rabbi Sacks-style translation of this excellent Purim parody by Elli Schorr:
2011 אנעים זמורות

A gut Shabbos and a freilichen Purim!

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