Segula is Live

UPDATE: Here's a link to a .pdf of the entire issue. The link will expire in 2 days. Hopefully there will be a link to a full color .pdf from the site by then. For those interested, here's a link to the Hebrew edition.

The first English issue of Segula is out and can be viewed in its entirety here. It can even be printed or viewed as a .pdf. As I mentioned I'm the translation and literary editor (even though they forgot to put my name in the first issue; I'm told that will be remedied!). And check out my brother-in-law's review of Sara Stroumsa's Maimonides in His World: Portrait of a Mediterranean Thinker (Jews, Christians, and Muslims from the Ancient to the Modern World).
I doubt that the publication will remain free in the long term, but this should give an idea of what it will be like. I'm not objective about it, but I've found that it's a very interesting, beautiful, and diverse popular Jewish history magazine. No need to take my word for it, though. Read the first issue - and then subscribe!

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