A Memorable Purim Seudah/ Metallica in Israel

My brother-in-law spared me of having to write about the excellent Purim Seudah that we shared yesterday. I merely posted some of my memories (Purim Rabbah, a horse named Maimonides, and Chinese lulavim) in his comments, to round out the picture.

For those who wish to sing "Arur Ha-gever", the tune sounds like this (I actually know the guy in the video), but the words come from here. I pointed out at the time that setting Jer. 17:5 to music is actually quite Maimonidean, since, in his responsum about standing for the Decalogue, the Rambam criticizes differentiating between biblical verses in terms of authority (OK, it's a stretch, but I was not thinking so clearly at the time). My costume was not terribly Spanish, though.

One last matter. Metallica is playing in Israel on Saturday night, May 22, about 15 minutes after Shabbat. I'm considering taking the family to a nearly hotel for Shabbat so that I can get to the concert right afterward. Tickets go on sale this Motza"sh. If anyone's interested in organizing a "Metallica Shabbaton" with us, let me know.

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