Jewish Ideas Daily Website Launch

First, a milestone. During the past week, I celebrated my 5-year 'bloggiversary'. The blog, and my own writing, has come a long way since those first rambling posts composed in the parents' room at Kennedy Krieger Hospital while Ruchama was undergoing behavioral feeding therapy. This blog also just had its 300,000th page view: far less than that of a 'mega blog', but reflective of sustained interest and a solid niche. Thank you all.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce an exciting new website that I have been involved in, on the research side, for the past few months, but which formally launched only yesterday: Jewish Ideas Daily

On this site, every day, you’ll discover an expertly prepared selection of the best the world has to offer in Jewish opinion, argument, thought, and analysis, pulled from hundreds of sources from around the globe. Whether your particular interest is Jewish philosophy or Israeli politics, rabbinic thought or new forms of Jewish literature, music, and art, the latest breakthrough in historical scholarship or permanently relevant essays on the landmarks of the Jewish year, biblical archaeology or profiles of significant Jewish figures of today, yesterday, and tomorrow--all this, plus original columns, interviews, commissioned debates, is spread out before you.

Won’t you visit www.jewishideasdaily.com? I strongly suspect you’ll enjoy having the best thinking, old and new, at your fingertips. By registering (for free) on the homepage, you’ll ensure that each day’s contents arrive promptly in your inbox and that you can save the most interesting items into your own personal account for later reading. Please also feel free to pass word of the site along to friends and colleagues who might like to take advantage of this one-stop source of Jewish ideas. Last but by no means least, we’d be delighted to hear back from you with your impressions, reactions, and suggestions.

Thanks for your interest.

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