Does Tzipi Livni have ADD?

In this article, Ari Shavit notes that, even worse than her short temper, "her more serious critics believe she has an attention deficit."
Aside from the fact that I think that ADD might even be helpful for executives, what's up with this? Look I'm not going to vote for Kadima JUST BECAUSE Tzipi has ADD. This bit of anti-ADD prejudice, however, is very disturbing. JFK, Winston Churchill, Woodrow Wilson, Abraham Lincoln, Eisenhower, and Anwar Sadat all had ADD. There are some solid statesmen in there.
So watch yourself, Shavit. You do not want to provoke the wrath of the ADD Nation. You can label us as problematic or diseased, and you can try to medicate us out of existence, but we will continue to see things that you will never be able to see and to bring our prodigious talents to the fore.

I do not suffer from ADD. I enjoy every minute of it.

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