The Hazing Continues

Still no car.

Still no lift.

Still feel like a ping-pong ball between banks, Bituach Leumi, Kupot Cholim, and the Interior Ministry.

It’s overwhelming at times, but usually manageable. Next week will be tough for the Rebbetzin with me away.

A few amusing observations about Israeli parlance:

1) Israelis use the term ‘mail’ to refer to ‘email’. It took me a bit to realize that. Someone told me they’d send me something by ‘mail’, and I told them that I prefer ‘doar electroni’ (or doa”l for short), the ‘real’ term for email, and I got a puzzled look in response. If you ask me, calling email ‘mail’ is kinda dumb, but that’s because I speak English.

2) The term ‘cable’, depending on the context, can mean different things. In Israel, cable television is called ‘kvalim’, and jumper cables are called ‘kabelim’. Ironic that the word ‘cable’ is originally Hebrew – just look at the end of Tehillim 149 (tomorrow at Shacharit would be the opportune time to do so).

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