Getting Back on Track

Hopefully, I’m done w/ this RCA business for a while (wishful thinking?). I’ve now only got 5 days left till Lag Ba-Omer, and still three installments of the R’ Shimon b. Yochai series. I’m definitely looking forward to posting Torah again; back to the meat n’ pataytas.

Of course, it’s never the Torah posts which generate comments, though it’s what I’m most proud of, and it’s generally better stuff and more thought out than the sichas chullin that I write. I wonder why that is. The Rebbetzin theorizes that folks are looking for something they can connect with – a story about the travails of raising a Jewish child, my memories of my grandfather – more than abstract Torah ideas. Maybe she’s right, but it’s the hock – current events and controversial or contrarian machshavah that y’all eat up. The anecdotes are second. Ve-Torah munachas be-keren zavis.

BTW, I’ve switched from Bloglet, which wasn’t working, to FeedBlitz subscriptions, so heads up to subscribers, and thanks, Dan.

I’m still making aliyah this summer (though I feel like I may have stepped into chet ha-meraglim territory these past few days) and I still don’t have a job. However, this Rabbanut business gave me a great idea. I’d perform non-Rabbanut-sanctioned weddings in Israel for ehrlikhe yidden whom the Rabbanut won’t recognize as such, and then help the couple arrange for a Cypriot civil marriage. I’d happily take a job with the RCA or ITIM, too. So, if you’re reading, it’s adderabbi@NOgmail.SPAMcom (ignore the ‘No spam’).

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