Rally the Children

Rally the Children!

I’ll be there, together with my oldest (5 yrs old). She’s old enough to understand that there are things that we get off of our collective tuchus for. I’ll be thinking about the first Mishna in Chagigah, which talks about kids being oleh regel on their fathers’ shoulders.

Participation in this type of event is a formative educational experience. I remember being at the Rally for Soviet Jewry in the late 80s, and I remember that my parents brought the whole family (my youngest sibling was about 4 at the time). I even remember that the younger kids noticed that everyone was chanting slogans, and so got in on the action themselves, chanting a Hebrew phrase that they had learned in nursery school, ‘Acharon Acharon Chaviv’. It was adorable.

Bottom line, I became a baseball fan because I went to my first game when I was 5 or 6. This is what chinuch is all about, folks.

BTW, Looks like a few other bloggers will be there, including:
Ta Shmah
Dov Bear and Jameel will be there in spirit.
Who else?
If there’s a big enough group, let’s meet somewhere (someone who knows DC better than I will have to suggest where).

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